Trippy Dab Mats For Serious DABBERS

You need a stable surface to stay your nice rig on, that’s where trippy dab mats are available. a good siloxane dab mat is crucial for any lapidator World Health Organization cares concerning their collection! Dabbing professional went ahead and reviewed a number of the most effective and funniest dab pads you’ll be able to notice on-line.


Honestly, any sensible dab pad goes to be fabricated from a stable and durable material, in order that your rig wont move around or be knocked over simply. Typically, a cloth like siloxane are ready to absorb any threatening shock that might utterly displace and break your rig.

Or you is also victimisation the mat as a pad to forestall mess once pressing your own dabs.

Ultimately, it’s up to you on what style you favor, you’ll be able to notice some pretty funny ones all across cyber web. Amazon has some pretty sensible mats additionally. they need a good selection, as well assiloxane mats or additional thick pad ones instead.

You can notice a excess of characters partaking in dabbing or additional generic ones with color accents. while not additional flurry, here is your guide to the most effective dab mat.

Trippy Dab Mats by 420 Factories are a potheads favorite

john-lennon-dab mats trippy dab mats
trippy dab mats

Oil Slick Pad Pt Cured Medical Grade siloxane Pad 12×8.5″

This product is reliable and stable, Being medical grade, you recognize it’s clean and sensible quality. this is often necessary once in involves overwhelming concentrates. Coming during a form of two-toned colours, this dab mat is one in all the most effective accessible. And as one more bonus, it comes with a free tool and dab container!

8×10 in. Rick and Morty dab mat – Szechuan Sesh at Shoneys – mouse mat vogue Dabmat | Dabpad | Rigmat | Dabmatz


Say no additional, this screaming dab mat is each funny and practical. It’ll hold your rig, torch, and portal gun!

8″ Trippy Dab Pad Mat

Dab Mats are great!

Again, these Rick And Morty dab mats square measure funny as hell. This one is complete with a flower childvogue Rick wielding a Morty dab rig. It’s cloth lidded, thus you recognize it’ll be a thick and stable pad.